2010 Summer

playlists | September 21, 2010
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Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country
All I Want
LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Wide Eyes (Suckers Remix)
Local Natives
Kapitel 1
Under Byen - Alt Er Tabt
Explode Into Colors - Quilts
Hall (The One AM Radio Remix feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)
Baths - Baths Remixes
Baths - Cerulean Master Ref 2 (4/2/2010)
And Lastly, The Kids Are Growing Up (Demo)
Computer Magic
Electronic Fences
Computer Magic
Computer Magic
Computer Magic - Demo
Go Outside
Cults - Cults 7
Oh My God
Cults - Adult Swim Singles Project
The Holograms
Fol Chen - The New December
02 Ready For The World (Twin Sister Remix)
How to Dress Well
01 Ready For The World
How to Dress Well
Keepaway - 100 7
Teqkilla (Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj)
Hot-N-Fun (Yeasayer Remix)
Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)
I Was Thinking...
Gauntlet Hair
Tea Lights
Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement
You and I
Washed Out feat. Caroline Polachek - Adult Swim Singles Project
General Patton
Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Deluxe Edition)
Big Boi, T.I. & Khujo Goodie - Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Deluxe Edition)
Shine Blockas
Big Boi & Gucci Mane - Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Deluxe Edition)
MF DOOM - Vomit (Monster Rally Remix)
Monster Rally - MF DOOM - Vomit (Monster Rally Remix) SINGLE
Lovely Bloodflow
Baths - Cerulean (Master)
Yu(c)k - Weakend
Bullfighter Jacket
Miniature Tigers - F O R T R E S S
Tennis - 7
South Carolina
Deerhunter - Revival 7 Single
For Ash
Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern
The Drop
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Rivers
Gooey Gum Drops (Monster Rally Remix)
DOOM - Gooey Gum Drops
Barksdale Corners on palaceer pusher beat circa now
Shabazz Palaces
Slowdance (Bear In Heaven Remix)
Matthew Dear - Slowdance - Single
Veronica Sawyer
Summer Camp - Young EP
You're No Good
Frankie Rose and the Outs - Where The Boys Aren't: A Girls Groups Mixtape
This Must Be The Place
Talking Heads - TMT: Our Favorite Summer Jams

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