Becoming an Outdoors-Woman 2016

adventures • September 20, 2016

My mom and I attended the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop again, this year at Greek Peak outside of Cortland, New York.

I took:

Trail cameras

We learned techniques for setting up trail cameras and attracting animals. Most people use trail cameras for hunting, but my goal is to see what’s running around in my backyard.


We learned the parts of the bow and how to shoot. We practiced shooting with a recurve and a compound bow. We shot at a traditional target, a balloon on a target, 3D targets (animal decoys), milk jugs on the ground, and helium balloons.

Hitting any target was such a rush. I didn’t expect to enjoy archery as much as I did! And not going to lie, I have a compound bow sitting in my Amazon cart right now.


I was most excited about taking taxidermy since I didn’t get into the class last year. The class lived up to its hype. At the start of class we all got to choose a (frozen) specimen: a chipmunk or a rat. Our instructor guided us through the entire process of taxidermy. It was hard work and required precision and attention to detail. I found it to be rewarding, even though I had to giggle through some of the gross parts.

I’ll take his pins out and remove the tape from his ears in a couple of weeks when he’s done setting.

Tree identification

We learned how to use tree identification keys by first examining and observing branches. Then we headed into the woods and kept on identifying. I’m looking forward to going through my backyard and taking stock!

Recommended book: Trees of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada.

It was great to learn new skills this weekend that didn’t involve a screen.

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