Three Mini Vacations

adventures • July 8, 2013

Lake Placid

On Monday, I drove up to Lake Placid to visit my college roommate. We went out to dinner, caught a movie, and walked around the lake. The next morning I drove into town for breakfast and did one last lap around the lake. It was a short trip, but well worth it.

Lake Placid

Thousand Islands

On Wednesday, my family and I drove out to Thousands Islands. We checked out the area and took a boat to Rock Island. The next day we drove into Canada to go to the 1000 Islands Sky Deck.

Thousand Islands Thousand Islands Thousand Islands Thousand Islands

Portsmouth, NH

For the weekend, my sister and I stayed in Portsmouth, NH. We booked an awesome apartment on Airbnb. The apartment was a short walk from downtown. On Saturday we posted up at the beach. We walked into town every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner. We had an excellent time.

Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth, NH

I don’t take vacations often, so I think I felt the need to cram everything into this one week. While it was all great, I definitely look forward to a vacation filled with less.

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