Western Mass Adventures

adventures • June 2, 2013

This weekend we woke up early and drove out to North Adams, Massachusetts. We took a 20-minute muddy hike through the woods and ended up at a waterfall.

Waterfall Waterfall

The waterfall sits in two large embankments, which were not to be easily climbed. So we took off our shoes and carefully walked up the stream to the waterfall. The rocks were so smooth and the water cold. As we got closer the mist from the waterfall drenched us and the roar of the water vibrated our ears.

Waterfall Waterfall

We left to find the train tunnel. Ate lunch at a Greek pizza shop in town and enjoyed whoopee pies at a local café.

Train tunnel Whoop Pie, Luma's in North Adams

On the way home, we climbed the Grafton fire tower. The view was spectacular.

Fire Tower, Grafton NY

On Sunday, I visited my parents. My mom and I went on a utility trail off of Blanchard Road in Wilton, NY. Toward the end, we found a trail into the woods (unadorned with POSTED signs).

Utility Trail in Wilton, NY Utility Trail in Wilton, NY Utility Trail in Wilton, NY

Scattered thunderstorms ended any hope of taking the kayaks out, so we ran a few errands. My mom had seen some pictures in the local newspaper of a pond in a local cemetery with “unusual birds.” We drove over and found just that: a Chinese or African Goose (a domestic goose).

African or Chinese goose spotted in Glens Falls, NY
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