Save your bookmarks with GitHub actions

Save your bookmarks with GitHub actions

I have been on a GitHub actions kick with read-action and instagram-rss-action. Most recently, I created bookmark-action that saves a URL along with the page’s metadata to a YAML file. I created this to track all the new recipes I tried so far this year.

Like read-action, I also created an iOS shortcut for this action. This shortcut follows all the same patterns as read-action, but instead of accepting an ISBN, I enabled Show in Share Sheet. This means when I’m viewing a website or a recipe in the NYT Cooking app, I can click the share icon and select my shortcut to automatically grab the URL for the page that I want to bookmark.

Finished New Recipe shortcut in iOS share sheet

I ended up creating a private repository where I’ve enabled my bookmark actions. This helped reduce noise in my site’s repository.

Here’s to tinkering and attempting to own your own data.

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