Documentation action

Documentation action

Earlier this year, I created documentation action to automatically generate documentation for my GitHub Actions.

The action requires a sample workflow, a markdown file (like to write the documentation, and the action configuration file (action.yml).

Once you add documentation action to your action’s repository, it will generate and keep up-to-date:

  • How to set up the workflow. This includes short instructions and a ready to copy and paste sample workflow.
  • Action options. A list of all input options, if they exist.
  • Workflow dispatch options. The payload object for actions that use a workflow dispatch event.

In the sample workflow for documentation action, the action will trigger if any of the following files, .github/workflows/example.yml, action.yml, package.json, and, since these files are the source for the documentation. If there’s a diff, then the action will generate and commit the documentation.

The documentation action may not cover all action use cases yet. (It mostly it covers what I have built with actions so far.)

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