Incrementally awesome Sass labels

code • September 29, 2013

For this site I wanted my categories to be color coded, but I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into managing it. Instead I spent a little effort into making sure I didn’t have to manage it.

The set-up

Where I want a category to be color coded, I used the class of ‘label.’ While not semantic, it could allow for flexibility in the future. I’m also a Bootstrap fan, so it was a go-to move. This class is intended to be used on inline elements such as spans or anchor tags.

Sample: label


I set a default background as a starting point and just in case something fails.

Next I created a Sass list to define each category.

For each category I created its own supplemental class. Each class incrementally changes the background-color of the original color $blue. Based on how many categories I have I chose 35 to be my increment. This may need to be adjusted if you have more or less items and depending on how close of a color spectrum you want.


A miraculous rainbow of categories.

label edibles adventures code playlists freelance

Things to consider

I can also add categories, woo!

…but if I end up with more than 9 categories (hopefully not), then my color spectrum is going to get a bit cozy.

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