Two years ago on CodePen

Two years ago on CodePen

Two years ago on CodePen I was picked for the first time ever.

I know this because I found a screenshot on my computer a few days ago:

Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 9.24.21 PM

I took the screenshot at the time because I was shocked. Total double take. Nobody had seen something I made like this before. I was just messing around. Maybe I should delete it, it’s not finished. People are seeing. People will see. Hot sweat. Cold sweat. Do something.

I finished it.

See the Pen dropbox! by Katy DeCorah (@katydecorah) on CodePen.

After two years of getting better at CSS, learning Sass and Haml, and starting this site to write about my code, I’m so glad that I finished that little Dropbox pen.

Thank you CodePen and thank you to anyone who has ever hearted or viewed one of my pens!

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