Wordle to yaml

code ā€¢ January 16, 2022

Iā€™m playing Wordle. I love a word puzzle and like many have been hooked by the daily game. I wrote wordle-to-yaml-action to archive my Wordle games to a yaml file.

I paired the action with a World to yaml iOS Shortcut. After I complete a game, I select the Wordle to yaml shortcut from the iOS share sheet and the shortcut will automatically format the score and then open the GitHub issue to kick of the action.

It sounds like a mouthful, but my beautiful bot friends complete these tasks in seconds.

The data for each board looks something like this:

- number: 210
  score: 3
    - "šŸŸ©ā¬›ā¬›ā¬›ā¬›"
    - "ā¬›ā¬›šŸŸØšŸŸ©šŸŸØ"
    - "šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸ©"
    - "yes no no no no"
    - "no no almost yes almost"
    - "yes yes yes yes yes"
  won: true
  date: "2022-01-15"

I created a page to show off my scores and calculate the same game statistics found on Wordle. I love to see my data in one place and build workflows that make it enjoyable to add to my growing collections.

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