2023 Summer

2023 Summer

The books, playlist, and recipes I enjoyed this season.


  • Brutes
    by Dizz Tate
    finished on
  • How to Sell a Haunted House
    by Grady Hendrix
    finished on
  • Such Sharp Teeth
    by Rachel Harrison
    finished on
  • The Seep
    by Chana Porter
    finished on
  • Ghosts
    by Dolly Alderton
    finished on
  • Magic for Liars
    by Sarah Gailey
    finished on
  • Broad Band
    by Claire L. Evans
    finished on
  • The Whispers
    by Ashley Audrain
    finished on
  • The Salt Grows Heavy
    by Cassandra Khaw
    finished on
  • You Will Find Your People
    by Lane Moore
    finished on
  • Monstrilio
    by Gerardo Sámano Córdova
    finished on
  • Annihilation
    by Jeff VanderMeer
    finished on
  • Ripe
    by Sarah Rose Etter
    finished on
  • Network Effect
    by Martha Wells
    finished on
  • Elysium, Or, The World After
    by Jennifer Marie Brissett
    finished on
  • Y/N
    by Esther Yi
    finished on
  • Rivermouth
    by Alejandra Oliva
    finished on
  • Rest Is Resistance
    by Tricia Hersey
    finished on
  • One's Company: A Novel
    by Ashley Hutson
    finished on
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club
    by Malinda Lo
    finished on
  • Fruiting Bodies: Stories
    by Kathryn Harlan
    finished on
  • Flux
    by Jinwoo Chong
    finished on
  • Poverty, by America
    by Matthew Desmond
    finished on
  • Heart Talk
    by Cleo Wade
    finished on
  • Young and Restless
    by Mattie Kahn
    finished on
  • Milk Fed
    by Melissa Broder
    finished on
  • The Sweetness of Forgetting
    by Kristin Harmel
    finished on
  • Berlin
    by Bea Setton
    finished on
  • Banyan Moon
    by Thao Thai
    finished on
  • One Last Stop
    by Casey McQuiston
    finished on
  • Avalon
    by Nell Zink
    finished on
  • Our Wives Under the Sea
    by Julia Armfield
    finished on
  • The Late Americans
    by Brandon Taylor
    finished on
  • Paradise Rot
    by Jenny Hval
    finished on
  • Going Zero
    by Anthony McCarten
    finished on
  • All the Sinners Bleed
    by S. A. Cosby
    finished on
  • Devil House
    by John Darnielle
    finished on
  • Don't Let Her Stay
    by Nicola Sanders
    finished on
  • Silver Nitrate
    by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
    finished on
  • The Guest
    by Emma Cline
    finished on
  • Lush Lives
    by J. Vanessa Lyon
    finished on
  • Human Compatible
    by Stuart Russell
    finished on
  • River of Teeth
    by Sarah Gailey
    finished on
  • Taste of Marrow
    by Sarah Gailey
    finished on


album art

Listen on Spotify

  • Jetski
    Tiberius b - Jetski
  • Only My Honesty Matters
    Baxter Dury, Étienne de Crécy, Delilah Holliday - B.E.D
  • Where Do We Begin?
    The Telescopes - Of Tomorrow
  • A Ghost
    Shana Cleveland - Manzanita
  • Brothel Creeper - A Place To Bury Strangers Remix
    Xiu Xiu, A Place To Bury Strangers - Ignore Grief (Remixes)
  • Teeth
    Mallrat - Butterfly Blue
  • Something Wrong
    Hand Habits - Something Wrong
  • The Funhouse
    Francis of Delirium - The Funhouse - EP
  • Who Put You Up To This?
    Sunflower Bean - Headful Of Sugar
  • Shining
    Grapetooth, Squirrel Flower - Infinite Source
  • Houdini Crush
    Buke & Gase - General Dome
  • Talk to Death
    mui zyu - Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century


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