Haiku 2018-2019

notes • February 9, 2021

I found an old note that contained a project to write a haiku every day. My project started in December 2018 and ended promptly in January 2019. The themes included work, baking, and difficulty finding nice fabric.

Meal prepped our lunch
Ginger lemon tea downtown
Cookies and treadmill
Dutch baby, no pouf
Crispy, sweet, and delightful
Topped with bananas
Force push to staging
Bump. Install. Serve. Click. Approve.
Pull request review.
Manometry shows
Incomplete bolus clearance
Rheumatic perhaps
New year and work day
I open a new window
And another tab
A mountain of clothes
I ask, "does it bring me joy"
An empty closet
A tiny mess here
And there. I tidy up, but
Another mess there
I tried to cut from fabric
I cut a rhombus
Whip to peaks just so
Fold until ribbons; Beware
Wrinkly, flat, chewy
Garish and floral
Whimsical and outdated
I want good fabric
Oatmeal with french toast
Sipping a piping hot chai
Body so warm, flushed
Typing and trying
Searching and guessing, please work.
Jekyll was simpler
A filling once filled
Is filled again; my smile crooked
My teeth sensitive
Eight avocados
will become guacamole
thanks to bananas
My nail tears too soon
impatient, slow connection
fighting time and flesh
Two library cards
Two tacos and a brisket
One party; big smiles
Listen to a call
and microwave soup for lunch
as I pump breast milk
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