Happy Birthday Blog

notes • June 6, 2014
Happy birthday blog!

A year ago I decided to settle down and find myself a blogging system. I had heard about Jekyll and bandaged together several (okay, a lot) of novice commands to get it set up locally. Whatever the combination was, it worked. I pushed to GitHub and, hot damn, I had myself a website.

Since then I have poured a lot of love into this gal. Like staying in on the weekends and squealing with glee as I push a new post. Coming home after work and tweaking the layout over and over again. (It’s not there yet, but it will be!) Feeling foolish after I contacted GitHub support that one time because I didn’t update my gems. Spending hours on potentially useless web projects, but loving every minute of it.

This site has given me a place and a reason to participate. It’s hard to participate. It’s scary to participate. Yet, my modest number of visitors, Twitter pats on the back, and CodePen hearties all make it worth it. A special thank you to anyone who has visited my site. It keeps me going.

Please raise your cake forks to a year of participating! And may there be many more!

A few of my favorite posts from the past year:

And in case you need to bake your own site a cake, I highly recommend the Brown Betty Bakery Coconut Cake.


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