Do something 100 times

Do something 100 times

I think you should do something 100 times. Choose something you enjoy, figure out how you will track it, and then do it 100 times.

You could…

  • Read 100 books.
  • Make 100 new recipes.
  • Read 100 blog posts.
  • Listen to 100 new artists.
  • Ride your bike 100 times.
  • Go for 100 walks.
  • Draw 100 pictures.
  • Listen to 100 podcasts.
  • Play 100 Wordle games.
  • Write 100 haiku.

This year I read 100 books and made 100 new recipes. I didn’t intend to do either thing 100 times, but I enjoy both. Since I had a way to track, the goal felt self-propelled. This year I discovered my favorite book genres and that I am starting to prefer vegetarian dishes.

Give yourself a century, because maybe you haven’t found your favorite thing ever yet.

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