Treadmill desk

Treadmill desk

I bought a treadmill for my standing desk and I love it.

Years ago, my husband built a desk for our treadmill. I loved to walk (very) slowly in the morning as I caught up on notifications. But, the treadmill motor succumbed to wear and tear and we retired it.

Since then, the treadmill market has become much more saturated and shopping for the right treadmill felt intimidating. I ended up selecting the UMAY Under Desk Treadmill after seeing it on TikTok a few times and found the specifications to be right for me.

I like the size and weight of the treadmill. I can wheel it out of the way when I’m ready to sit. I can adjust the belt when needed. Even though it’s light weight, it doesn’t feel flimsy. The motor is pretty quiet, however, as a safety feature the machine does several loud beeps as it turns on.

A white standing desk has a white treadmill underneath. The treadmill is a rectangular with no handles. Looking down at a white treadmill with a black treadmill belt.

Before I bought the treadmill, I did make sure that I would still fit in my basement office which has low ceilings. I stood on a couple yoga blocks and checked that my standing desk was still comfortable. As a 6′ tall person, with the added height of the treadmill, I max out the height for my IKEA standing desk.

I love to walk in the morning as I catch up on emails and GitHub notifications. I especially love to catch extra walks during calls when I only need to listen.

As an added bonus, when the treadmill is idle, the display reads “Rest” which is just a great reminder all around.

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