notes • April 25, 2015

I keep a gist named yay.md. A secret, never shared and don’t plan to, gist. It’s where I keep screenshots of my personal yays.

A personal yay may be:

I look at yay.md when I feel nay.

A personal nay may be:

Unlike yays, I don’t collect the nays. I find that collecting nays gives me a reason to look back when I should be looking forward. And I keep them secret because they’re for me and I can add to my yay trove without fear or consequence of being a yay hog.

I highly recommend curating your own yays because looking at mine reminds me to give them out more. Here’s to less nays and a karmic circle of yays.

  1. My most common yay. 

  2. My most common nay. 

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