Candy Sushi

epicurean • January 13, 2013

You too can bring candy sushi magic to your home. Below is a basic write-up of what I did, but free-styling is encouraged.

Candy Sushi



  1. Unravel a fruit roll-up and place on a plate.
  2. Between two pieces of parchment paper flatten the Rice Krispie treat. Get it as flat as you can, without creating holes. Place flatten treat on top of the fruit roll-up. Try to trim excess so that the roll-up and treat match up.
  3. Sprinkle candy along the center of the flatten treat, parallel to the longest edge of fruit roll-up/treat. Try to keep the candies in a line.
  4. Grabbing the long edge of the fruit roll-up/treat, begin to roll towards the candy line. As you roll, try to carefully roll the candies in without breaking the fruit roll-up.
  5. Once it’s rolled, cut the log into rounds.
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