Summer of ice cream

epicurean • July 16, 2018

For the past month, I’ve tried a new ice cream recipe with ingredients from the farmers market.

A few tips and notes:

Here’s what I made:

Honey lavender

honey lavender

Honey lavender recipe

I followed the advice of a few commenters and used about half of the prescribed honey (since it was local) and it turned out great.

Strawberry basil

Strawberry basil

Strawberry basil recipe

No deviations or recommendations. This recipe was 👌.

Toasted almond and cherry swirl

Toasted almond and cherry swirl

I borrowed bits from two recipes: Toasted almond recipe and cherry swirl recipe

I recommend not mixing the caramelized toasted almonds into the batter and instead using it as a topping. (And use sea salt on those caramelized almonds, you won’t regret it!) I didn’t bother with the almond extract as I thought the batter had the right amount of flavor.

Blueberry vanilla and lemon curd ripple

Blueberry vanilla and lemon curd ripple

Again, I borrowed from two recipes: Blueberry recipe and lemon curd recipe

For the blueberries, I blended and strained them before cooking to get a smooth texture. I also steeped the vanilla bean in the batter for an hour before I chilled it, which I found complimented the blueberry tartness beautifully.


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