Baked Alaska flambé

epicurean • December 31, 2018

I first learned about Baked Alaska from the Sims 2. Your sim could study culinary arts and this was one of the higher level dishes. I finally decided to give it a try.

Using Mary Berry’s recipe as a template, my version includes Häagen-Dazs Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate ice cream with a crushed Oreo layer. The ice cream rests on a chocolate genoise sponge with a surprise raspberry jam sandwich in the middle.

I’m glad that I added the Oreo layer and jam; both added welcomed textures and flavors.

baked alaska baked alaska baked alaska

I had a lot of trouble with the genoise in Mary’s recipe — I attempted 6 times. I ended up following Laws of Baking’s technical instructions and had great success.

For the meringue, I used a large open star and a smaller star to fill the dome (I was inspired by this pie). And to flambé it, I used Saveur’s instructions which seemed like the safest way to control the flame.

I’m still impressed that the ice cream was still frozen solid when it was time to cut it. I’d love to try this again using single-serve proportions.

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